What will happen if the new iPhone 7 Home button stops working

iphone 7
November 10, 2016

Although the iPhone 7 change the physical Home button sensor, it can also be broken … This can make the phone almost unusable, so you have to carry the service. But this time Apple has a solution. The company has built a system that recognizes when sensor Home key problem. When the problem will appear the system displays a message to the user, which informs him that that option needs…


Do You Know Which Apps Can Destroy Your Privacy?

October 28, 2016

Can someone read your private messages when from your smartphone interact with the applications for free communication? Amnesty International conducted a large study and organization ranked the eleven most widely used to send messages by the way they use encryption to protect user privacy, freedom of speech and human rights. “When people send messages to their friends, loved ones and family – want it to remain private. And companies can…